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Relationship With Car Dealers

At New Car Brokers, we know how to work with car dealerships. In fact, we have helped hundreds of our clients save more than they’d expect on their vehicle purchase or lease. So how do we do it?

It all comes down to relationships.

We know more Southern California dealership managers and dealership sales people than just about anyone else. Because of this, we can make deals that are unavailable to individuals who walk through the dealership doors alone. Here’s a look at 10 reasons why we have a great relationship with Southern California dealerships.

1). We are not “tire kickers”
The last thing that a dealership wants to deal with are “tire kickers” who come into the dealership with no intention of buying. Southern California dealerships know that when we give them a call, we are ready to buy. Because of this, these dealerships put everything on hold and give us undivided attention.

Dealerships want to work with us and will often give us some incredible deals that they would never offer to someone who just walks onto the lot. That gives you a tremendous edge when you choose us as your vehicle experts.

2). We know the “good dealerships”
from the “bad dealerships” While there are a number of good dealerships in the Southern California areas, there are some bad ones that we want you to avoid. The good dealerships are always ready to make you a deal and offer excellent customer service. Our extensive experience in the Southern California region allows us to identify the best dealerships to work with.

 Over time, we have established excellent relationships with the top car dealerships in the region. That means that you are going to get a great vehicle from a top dealership that will offer you superior customer service after the purchase or lease.

3). We know what we are looking for
Dealerships can be overwhelming. So overwhelming in fact that many sales people have trouble trying to find just the right vehicle for their customers. Our expertise allows us to know exactly what vehicle you are looking for. This little detail allows us to exert a certain amount of control over the dealership that we are working with.

When a dealership sees that the potential buyer is knowledgeable, direct and confident, they are less likely to play games with “add on” fees and other backroom nonsense. Dealerships know that we are serious buyers and they are ready to offer us their best deals.

 4). We use our leverage on dealerships
When we contact a dealership, they know that they are not talking to a typical customer. That’s because we help hundreds of clients get the vehicle that they are looking for. That’s why dealerships are so anxious to work with us.

We use our leverage to help our clients get great deals on their vehicles. In fact, it is not uncommon for dealerships to give us “Sweetheart” deals in hopes of getting more business from us. This is the kind of leverage that is not available to the everyday vehicle buyer.

 5). We know when dealerships are “desperate” to make a deal
 Did you know that you can save big depending on the time of month or the time of year that you shop at the dealership? With our three decades of experience, we can tell when dealerships are desperate to make a deal.

 Our team will target just the right time to get you the right vehicle. This simple insight can potentially save you thousands of dollars. We give dealerships offers on vehicles just when they are the most desperate to get a sale or lease. That puts a big advantage on your side.

 6). We know what inventory dealerships want to move
 Beyond finding the right time to approach a dealership, we know exactly what vehicles to look for. During our consultation with you, we will identify certain models that are exceptional values at the moment. If you want us to pursue these vehicles, then we can certainly get them for less than you’d expect.

Our vehicle acquisition team will look through all of our white listed dealerships and find that vehicle. We will then use our dealership relationship to get you that vehicle at an excellent price.

7). Our team is always doing up-to-date research on dealerships

Our team is constantly working on our relationship with the dealerships. We know the top dealership managers by name and identify the sales associates who are likely to get us the best deals on vehicles. It is this type of relationship management that gives us an excellent edge when it comes to vehicle acquisitions.

 In addition to keeping up to date with sales managers and sales associates, we also study the dealership as a whole. We know which dealerships are getting the sought-after models that you may be looking for. This consistent research allows us to maintain our edge over the dealerships.

8). Our knowledge of individual vehicles exceeds that of most sales people

Sales associates are trained to know everything there is about their dealership inventory. The honest truth is that some sales associates don’t always stay up to date on vehicles in their own lots. That’s not the case with us. We are always monitoring the “average days on lot” and average transaction price of popular models.

With this knowledge, we can determine the right price to offer on a specific vehicle. This increases your chance of getting the vehicle that you want at an exceptional price.

9). We know how to make salespeople say “yes” to our offers

When it comes to the average negotiation between a customer and a sales associate, the sales associate has the edge because he does this for a living. Our 30 years of experience means that we have a big edge over the average sales associate. That means, we know how to get a sales associate to say “yes” to our favorable terms.

Since we have a great relationship with a number of dealerships, we have no problem finding the dealership that will give us a “yes” on your behalf. The final result is that you get a deal that most other individual buyers could only wish for.

10). We can close deals fast
Dealerships like speed. Time is money after all. Because of that, we know how to work with dealerships to close deals in hours instead of days. Dealerships, in turn, give us excellent terms because they hope to work with us in the future. Compare that with the average buyer who usually walks out of the dealership without a vehicle because they are still “checking out vehicles.”

Our no-nonsense approach to closing deals makes us one of the most desired vehicle acquisition services for dealers. You also win because you don’t have to wait days or weeks to get the vehicle that you are looking for.

Don’t overpay! Put our expert vehicle acquisition team to work for you
Never get burned by a dealership again. Put our 30 years of expertise to work for you. New Car Brokers is your source for great deals on the vehicle of your choice. Whether you are looking for a new or used vehicle or a fleet vehicle, we are ready to get the job done. Contact us today to learn more about our services.